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This start-up turns classic cars into electric vehicles

Phyllis Scully

Dec 9, 2023

This start-up turns classic cars into electric vehicles

Electric Vehciles have been all the buzz for a few years now and the industry is showing no signs of stopping. Although we’re all familiar with the big players in the EV space, there is officially a new Canadian start-up entering the market. The Peterborough-based company, ARC Motor Company, is an innovative EV start-up that converts gas-powered classic cars into electric vehicles. Now you can finally keep your favourite car around for years to come! Did I forget to mention that ARC is founded by female entrepreneur, Sloane Paul, AKA the first woman in North America to establish a start-up of this kind?

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ARC Motor Company


ARC Motor Company is officially making waves as it enters the North American market. Led by entrepreneur Sloane Paul, the first woman in North America to establish a start-up of its kind, ARC specializes in converting gas-powered classic cars into high-performing electric vehicles (EVs). Now you don’t have to let your favourite classic car sit in your garage with fears of the gas guzzling!


At the core of this groundbreaking venture is the conversion of an iconic first-generation Ford Bronco, marking ARC as the first company in Canada to complete such a transformation. Talk about an achievement! Classic car enthusiasts can now embark on the journey of electrifying their vehicles with ARC conversions, with prices starting at $75,000 USD.


Sloane Paul, the CEO of ARC, expressed the company’s mission to bridge the gap between nostalgia and sustainability. “ARC is a testament to the incredible possibilities we can create when we embrace tradition and reimagine it through a modern, sustainable lens.” The company seamlessly integrates cutting-edge electric technology into beloved classic cars, allowing the timelessness of the classic car to merge with the modern day.

“Rebuilding classic cars with clean technology is a new and exciting way to drive the future of net-zero transportation,” said the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. “Supporting entrepreneurs like Sloane so they can bring their incredible ideas to Canadians is exactly how our government will grow the economy and fight climate change.” 

ARC’s commitment aligns with Canada’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. By converting classic cars into electric vehicles, ARC not only contributes to the reduction of domestic emissions but also creates jobs and positively impacts the Peterborough community.

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