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We hope we've covered your questions in this section but if we haven't, please email us at 

Why does an electric conversion start at $75,000 USD? 

There are a few reasons as to why our electric conversions start at $75,000 USD. The first is the cost of parts and batteries that make up more than half the cost of an electric conversion, and we don't have control over the cost of materials.


The second part of the cost is for electrical and mechanical engineering. Since each electric conversion is custom because every car is different, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so each system is engineered and designed for that specific vehicle. 

Over time, we hope that prices for parts and batteries will come down so that electric conversions can become more accessible and cost efficient.


Why is the starting price in USD when ARC is a Canadian company? 

Currently, almost all EV parts and batteries are acquired from the US. Since these costs are fixed, quoting in USD helps ensure that our pricing accurately reflects the value of the Canadian Dollar. However, we do provide our Canadian clients with estimates in CAD before any work begins.


How long does it take for an electric conversion?

Once parts arrive, it will take 2-3 months to complete an electric conversion. Please build in 4-8 weeks for the parts availability and shipping into your timeline. It's best to start the conversation with us as soon as possible so that we can complete the electric conversion by your desired date. 


What is the electric conversion process? And, is it reversible?

There are 6 steps in the electric conversion process: 

1. De-ICE the vehicle: We remove all of the components related to the internal combustion engine (ICE) and drive train. 

2. 3D Scan: We will 3D scan the vehicle to identify how much space we have to fit in the electric components, batteries and hardware (mounts, braces etc.). 

3. Design: As every car is different, our Engineers will design a custom EV system to meet your required specs (range, torque, horsepower+). 

4. Fabrication: We design and fabricate our own battery boxes, mounts, and brackets for each electric conversion. 

5. Installation: Our team will install all of the required components to transform your car into a high performing electric vehicle. 

6. Test: We will test the newly converted EV for the road by putting some miles/kilometres on it. Any issues that come up will be fixed before the keys are handed over to you. 

Yes, the electric conversion is reversible. 

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